The Disciple's Way

The Disciple's Way is a 6 week course plus a week watching a film at the start.  We'll be running the course on Monday (afternoon starting at 1.40pm and evening starting at 7.45pm) starting in January.  Please contact the Church Office to sign up.

The session dates are below:

The Disciple's Way will be available as a book from February 2017 - watch the video for more:

23rd January Session 1 Leaving Home 1.30pm or 7.45pm
13th February Session 2 Provisions for the Journey 1.30pm or 7.45pm
27th February Session 3 Keeping in touch on the way 1.30pm or 7.45pm
13th March Session 4 Keeping on track 1.30pm or 7.45pm
27th March Session 5 Companions on the way 1.30pm or 7.45pm
10th April Session 6 Journey's End 1.30pm or 7.45pm

NBC Church Secretary, 29/11/2016