gigwignewGiggles & Wiggles  Nov 2020

  Giggles and Wiggles is here for babies and toddlers and their parents and carers.   

We have an active Facebook group so we can share news and information and craft ideas for you too.   

Its coming up to Christmas and we have a gift for you.   If you would like an Advent Calendar with Christmas story/activity book please complete the form below.    We will get it to you very soon.

Advent Calendar  Sign-up Form

Giggles and Wiggles would like to give you a free Advent calendar with chocolates and a story/activity book.     The chocolate is not dairy-free but the book is! 
Please complete the following information so that we can deliver the calendar to you.       (We will only use this information to distribute the calendars and it will not be kept beyond December 2020).  

Name   (parent/carer/childminder)

Phone number(for any queries)

How many calendars would you like:   
(One per family please )
Anything else?   (Perhaps hints to find your address) 


At present we can't meet in person at Newbury Baptist church - but when we can, this is what we look like.     G&W 2020 

And if there is anything else we can help you with or for more information please contact Anne Davey
Anne Davey, 09/11/2020