Bible Time sessions at Newbury Baptist Church 

 How much do you know about your Bible, really? If you were challenged on where it came from and how reliable it is, could you give an answer?
Sunday’s programme at NBC is a light one, so we are offering you an opportunity on the second Sunday of each month up to Easter to invest 90 of those precious weekend minutes?
Will it be ‘ a service’?  There will be music playing as we enter and leave, but we shan’t be singing together.  We shall pray, and we shall worship God with our minds.
Will it be heavy?  The content ill be delivered in such a way as to invite interaction and discussion.  This will be teaching which is in depth and opens the door to further personal study.  Not heavy, but thorough.
What do I need?  A pen and a Bible – a workbook will be provided.

Bible Time sessions will take place as follows:
Sunday January 13th 6 - 7.30pm    "What is the Bible and where did it come from"?
Sunday February 10th 6 - 7.30pm    "Bible translations and their pitfalls"
Sunday March 10th 6 - 7.30pm         "Interpreting the Bible"
Sunday April 14th 6 - 7.30pm            "One Bible, many books"
Please let us know you are coming by signing up here