Please join us in praying for: 

For the future of our church

Lord God, You alone know what the future holds, what Your church will need in the coming months and years. We pray, Father, show us Your will, by the power of Your Holy Spirit speaking in and through each other. We want to know if the candidate we will see on the 22nd and 23rd April is the person You are sending to us.  

Give us the grace and courage to listen only to You. Give us the humility to speak only what You are saying to us. Give us the faith to trust in Your people around us and the discernment to know Your will in this matter. 

Give us Your peace we pray. As we sense this is such an important decision for the future of this church in this place as well as an important decision for the candidate and his family. Reassure us as we come to a decision. Give us the peace which only comes from our faith in You alone. 

We pray for the world

Lord we hold up before you a world in turmoil. We see and hear of dissatisfaction and disruption all over the world. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the opportunistic alliances being formed for global power and prestige as well as economic influence and control that fill our daily news feeds. Lord, we continue to pray for Your Holy Spirit to be at work in all these situations. We pray for Your love and compassion for those who suffer as a result of the greed and avarice of others. These situations are so complex, there is so much that we do not see, and yet Lord You see everything.  

Father as we come to celebrate Easter, when we recognise the final act of reconciliation between us, Your created people and You, our creator, Father make us mindful of Your scale of time and space. Help us to see the world as You see it. Show us, we pray, how to be Your people in the world. How to be Your salt and light in the places where it seems only darkness prevails.  Remind us Lord of the hope we have in You, the joy of salvation that has been created in and through the death and resurrection of Your son Jesus. 

Father, at this Easter time we pray for You to come again in power, not as a warrior with destruction, but in love and healing for Your creation. 

We pray for our nation 

As the divisions between rich and poor get wider, the yearning for everything to be better, the NHS, the food supply, the cost of living Lord, we find it so easy to forget how much better off we are than other nations around us. It is so easy to become part of the problem by demanding more or wanting better when others have nothing and see us as greedy and wasteful. Lord pour out Your Spirit on this nation. Revive in us a sense of our responsibilities to those who have little or less. 

Lord God, we want to see Your name lifted above all kings and rulers in our nation. We want to see every knee bowed before Your throne. Lord,  we pray for reminders every day, reminders of the responsibility that sits on the shoulders of our elected leaders, the responsibility and accountability that is due to You. Father, we pray that You would replace pride in the actions of our leaders with a clear confession of the work of Your hand in and through them. 

Change our nation we pray. 

We pray for ourselves 

Father, as we prepare our hearts to hear Your voice, we pray that You will empty us from all those things that would lead us away from  Your truth. Lord our personal preferences, prejudices and traditions are as nothing before Your plans for Your church here in Newbury. 

Lord, speak to us as we pray in the name of Jesus. 

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