Please join us in praying for: 

Pray for our world

As the global economy continues to suffer from both the man made ravages of war and unpredictable climate, we pray for those who are suffering. People displaced by famine and floods, by wild fires and the destruction caused by drought. We pray for all those who are displaced, moving from homes and familiar surroundings of home, to become dependent on state and international aid. 

Father we pray that we will not suffer from compassion fatigue, we pray again and again that You will show us how to respond. From our places of safety, with comparative wealth and comfort, Father show us how we can help. Help us to respond as You would have us respond. Show us the sacrifices we can make, reducing the demands we place on finite global resources like clean air and water as well as fossil fuels and rare earths. 

And for those displaced by war. Where the greed and ego’s of a few send death and destruction to tens of thousands of families. Where livelihoods and lives are destroyed or irrevocably damaged for generations to come. 

We pray that Your Holy Spirit will come into the lives and hearts of those in leadership. Help them as they look for peace and safety and security to fully grasp how their actions are sowing seeds of discontent and seeds of dissent for generations to come. We pray that, in Your wisdom and power You will lead them out of the darkness and into the light of your Love and reconciliation. 

We pray for our country

As we see our nation divide between richer and poorer, we pray for those in leadership to show compassion and kindness where pain and suffering is the consequence of difficult political and social decisions.   We pray that we will be able to show Your love and compassion in the places where we are. We pray for Your strength to sustain us when we are tired or disillusioned by the scale of the challenge, by the depth of the anger and by the sheer intransigence of those making demands that cannot be met.
Father, give us the wisdom, in Your Holy Spirit, to depend on You alone. Where we are tempted to jump in or take matters into our own hands,Father we pray for Your guiding hand to be upon us as individuals and as a church family. We pray that You alone will raise up and inspire Your people to act for You nationally and locally. 

We pray for our Church 

We give you thanks and praise for the way Your guiding hand can be seen in our Church. For the people you have appointed in leadership over many years. For the generations who went before us. For the sacrifices they made to show your love and build your Kingdom in Newbury. 

Father as we come together this week to hear what you have to say to us. We pray that we will hear you in and through the voices of the youngest and the oldest. That nobody will feel dismissed, or not important enough to speak your truth. 

Your word is a constant challenge to us, a constant reminder of how You want us to “be” in Your world, in Your church and with Your people.  Give us the courage to listen and to respond.  Remind us, through Your word, of how You want us to respond, to meet the unseen needs of the current and future generations. 

We pray for our family

We pray for our young people, at the time in life when they are most vulnerable to temptations, as they form their own understanding and relationship with You. Father we pray that You will continue to reveal yourself to them through the power of Your Holy Spirit. Father challenge them as they build their understanding of the world You have created, help them to grow in love and compassion for the needs of others as they have their needs met by us as a Church. 

We rejoice with those celebrating “big birthdays” this week. For long lives enriched by your Holy Spirit.
We pray for Your comfort and presence for all those who feel the sense of loss of loved ones. 

We pray for those in hospital or recovering at home. We pray that you will restore them to us 

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