Church Life


Time to Dream...

Newbury Baptist Church is embarking on its biggest project of a generation – and we need you to shape it.
This is your opportunity to dream big: how could we serve our community and share God’s love?

Throughout June there will be opportunities for you to tell us your ideas, and help build a church for the future.
Look out for the suggestion box at the back of church

After every Sunday service in June you’re invited to stay until midday to share your ideas
Fill in the online questionnaire

All ideas count. You don’t need to worry about costs or staff or details for now. We just want you to think big and dream up possibilities. Then everyone’s ideas will help the architects design the building that’s right for us. Thanks for taking part!

There is nearly always something going on at Newbury Baptist Church - either an event we're running or someone else is making use of our buildings.  You can find out everything that is going on by visiting the Church Calendar other use the links from this page to explore some of the different events and activities that take place on a regular basis. 

The table shows some of the main events (note: not all events happen every week)









Boys Brigade

Girls Brigade


1st Thursday

Giggle and Wiggles



Prayer Meeting

Women's Fellowship





Open House





















Take a look at our Get Involved page If you want to learn more about serving in the life of the Newbury Baptist Church.