Marvin the Maple tree
Marvin aloneOne of the more hidden aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic is that many children will lose an adult in their lives.  This might be a parent, a neighbour, a teacher or a friend.  
To lose a person we love is a seismic shock at any age.  With the loss of that person, the world changes in an instant.  When a child loses an adult, - it can be hard for them to process what has happened and harder still to articulate it.  This little story is designed to help you have that hardest of conversations.  As children read this tiny tale of Marvin’s loss – maybe they can reflect on their own…

Our special thanks go to; 

Tara Simmons for the beautiful illustrations
Rev Richard Littledale for the wonderful writing

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You can listen to the story here. Read by Rev Richard Littledale or you can see it on YouTube here

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