Mission and Vision


The church we envisage is Christ Centred, Purpose Driven and People Empowering.


Our Church Vision Statement;

‘To grow as disciples of Jesus, grow as a church community and grow in effective mission’

We long to see NBC as a lively, vibrant, inclusive and growing church, strengthened through regular worship, preaching and teaching which leads people of all ages to commit their lives to Christ, expressed through the public act of baptism and continuing discipleship. Our desire is to grow in the strength and depth of our relationship with Christ and with one another, and to be equipped to live out our faith in the world. 

Our vision is built on discipleship, mission and support
  • Discipleship: To equip and inspire us to grow in Christ, and to develop our gifts and ministries for acts of service in the church, our local community and the wider world.
  • Mission: To express the transforming love of Christ in word and deed, both as individuals and through the life and activities of the church. We will work with other Christians and churches as appropriate. 
  • Support: To enable discipleship and mission to happen effectively.

We will focus our energy and efforts in 4 key areas:
• Discipleship and pastoral care: We will seek to encourage one another in discipleship, to show care for people at all stages of life, including families, singles and those who have joined us from overseas. Small groups remain at the heart of NBC life as we learn, worship and grow in community together. 
• Work with children and youth: We aim to provide a flourishing and expanding youth work where children and young people (and their families) feel that they belong, and are nurtured and encouraged in the Christian faith.
• Work with seniors: Acknowledging that the proportion of the population in this age bracket is increasing we will seek to build on present activities and address the corresponding growing pastoral and spiritual needs. 
• Our community and beyond: We will be active in our community as we work with other churches in areas such as Loose Ends, Street Pastors, and in working with families. We will support our brothers and sisters overseas – in partnership with BMS and other recognized organisations - taking advantage of their skills and expertise and our enthusiasm and resources. 

To fulfil this vision we recognise that each of us needs to commit our time, our prayers, and our resources and to be willing to be led by the Spirit. As members of the church, we challenge one another to search our own hearts and discern what God wants us to do for Him. We seek to move forward together serving with unity and purpose.