Our History

The modern Baptist movement was born in the 16th Century and is now a worldwide denomination with millions of believers worshipping in Baptist congregations.

Find out more about Baptist history at http://www.spurgeon.org/~phil/history/trail.htm

Meanwhile, Newbury Baptist Church started life some while before 1640, the earliest records held by the church today indicating that it was already in existence then.

At its 300-year anniversary, in 1940, a book by W.J. Lewendon was published.

The book contains details of:
The formation of the early Baptist church
The appointment of trustees and the founding of Newbury Baptist Church
Changes in pastors and membership at the church
The church’s development, mission and finances
Places of worship
You can download a PDF version of the book here.

In 2003 one of our members, David Brazier, wrote a more comprehensive book titled;
    A History of the Newbury Baptists

This book is reproduced here by kind permission of the author.