Newbury Baptist Church - Core Values 


We as Newbury Baptist Church with all our variety of backgrounds, ages and cultures, will endeavour to demonstrate creatively our LOVE for GOD, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and for ONE ANOTHER by striving to: 

• Worship and praise God in all that we are and do in loving obedience to His will.


• Grow in our love for, and our understanding of, God through faithful prayer and Bible study, so that we might become more Christ-like in all that we think, say and 


• Deepen our relationships with one another through regular fellowship in Sunday 


• Support one another by giving and receiving encouragement, hospitality, forgiveness and pastoral care. 


• Serve in the church and in the world in unity with other Christians, through sacrificially giving of our time, energy, gifts and money. 


• Witness to the gospel of Jesus through our attitudes and actions and by relevant evangelism and mission, welcoming the stranger, and challenging injustice. 

NBC core values, 20/02/2015